August 7, 2022
A Brazilian player unable to cross the Ukrainian border reports a drama: “A Sea of ​​People” |  international football

A Brazilian player unable to cross the Ukrainian border reports a drama: “A Sea of ​​People” | international football

The Brazilians from Lviv Rukh, the Ukrainian first division club from the city of Lviv, in the west of the country, and Edson Fernando and Thales Brenner, like everyone else in the country, are trying to leave Ukraine. But the leak stopped for at least 24 hours near the border with the Polish city of Medica.

Line up people trying to leave Ukraine at the border with the Polish city of Medica – Photo: Edson Fernando/Personal Archive

More information about Brazilian players in Ukraine:

Edson in Ukraine continues to report on video details of the situation of people unable to reach Poland. In the group that accompanies the Brazilian players, there is a one-year-old and five-month-old, which increases everyone’s anxiety, especially because of the cold and other types of deprivation.

“We’ve been trying to get out of Ukraine for almost 24 hours, we’re trying to get out of Lviv, we’re so exhausted, so tired, huge queues, a mess to get out of here,” said Edson Fernando, former Bahia midfielder.

– The fastest way we are analyzing here is to get a car, a truck, but the cars here are full, the buses are full, and we give money that they do not accept, which is very difficult – completed the player, who arrived only two months ago at the Ukrainian club and was not accompanied by relatives in the country.

Thales Brenner’s Brazilian girlfriend Jessica also reported the drama.

There is no hotel, and we have a one year and five month old baby boy who was almost cold. We came here, the girl was turning purple.

– Jessica, girlfriend of Brazilian player Talise Brenner from Rukh Vynnyky

It’s complicated, folks, it’s complicated. We don’t know what to do, we call the embassy, ​​and they say they can’t interfere, because it’s Ukrainian laws. But I don’t want to know about the laws, I want you to help me, get me out, get Thales out, get Edson out, get us out of here. It’s just crossing the border, we’re at the border gate, it’s just crossing, people, for God’s sake – Avad.

Edson Fernando said there was already a structure in Medica to receive them, as long as they could cross the border.

– There in Poland, there is already a small car waiting for us, there is already a booked hotel, but the situation to leave is very difficult, a large number of people are walking, and when you approach there is a sea of ​​​​people, so there is a little complication. Thank God, we are fine and healthy here, but the hope is that we can get to the other side, to Poland.

Edson’s midfield shows movement on the border between Ukraine and Poland