June 29, 2022
A Brazilian scientist develops a method against alopecia and hair loss |  who are they

A Brazilian scientist develops a method against alopecia and hair loss | who are they

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From a Brazilian pharmacist and scientist. Jacqueline Alkrim, 34, graduated with a BA in Pharmacology, and in 2013, she used her knowledge to develop scientific dermatological cosmetics and specialized in advanced cosmetics and natural products. For 4 years, the world suffered and faced financial difficulties because of research
, but is a world leader in developing a study that led to a patent that proved its efficacy.

According to data from the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), Brazil is one of the countries where women sign up for scientific articles the most. Between 2014 and 2017, 72% of the works were signed by researchers. However, even with such a high percentage, being a woman and a scientist within the country is a constant struggle for recognition.

After noting its own difficulties in the scenario of researchers in Brazil, as well as international recognition of the effectiveness of the method against hair loss and hair loss, the scientist developed Magic Science Brazil. “MagicScience was born from an extraordinary desire to do what is new, from a desire to apply the great power of science in developing revolutionary cosmetic formulations,” says Alecrim.

The company develops products that seek to simplify hair care, especially for those who suffer from alopecia and hair loss. However, people who seek Accelerate hair growth
They can also find benefits in shampoos and other cosmetics.