December 2, 2022
A certain type of spider can "settle" in our eyelashes.  see any

A certain type of spider can “settle” in our eyelashes. see any

So much of the amazing thing about the human body we owe to the bacteria and other misunderstood organisms that inhabit us. Some of the most curious things are without a doubt mites;

At first glance they are intangible beings, in fact they are little spidersi.e. cousins ​​to spiders and scorpions.

Thus, the tiny spider that can inhabit our eyelashes and scalp is specifically called Demodex. And while it is rare to find it in children, as a person ages, the likelihood of developing it increases.

In fact, according to one studyat the age of seventy, 100% chance Than having demodex residents on your face.


those Organisms They are about 0.3 mm long, and are found in the facial hair follicles and nipples, as well as the eyelashes. They feed on the fats that the body naturally releases through the pores.

Moreover, they have a file life expectancy: Only two or three weeks at most. When they are separated from the body they inhabit, they die, and at high temperatures too.

However, they are well adapted and have ways of perpetuating Ocean Fragile: The eggs they lay have the potential for vegetables, in which case, they can stay on sheets, pillows, or clothing for some time waiting for new follicles to take cover.

Related issues

Demodex mites and humans can survive perfect harmony, That is, they generally do not cause any problems when in small quantities.

However, the overpopulation of these creatures can cause inflammatory reactions in the body and skin conditions such as Folliculitis and rosacea. In addition, some cases of otitis externa, keratitis, and demodectic keratoconjunctivitis have also been linked.