March 30, 2023

A clip with oral sex generates a revolution in society

“It’s not possible, what a silly scene” and “They’ll think we all do it in the alley” were some of his catchphrases. community residents From the western region of Rio After, after Anita Recording scenes for his new clip that simulates oral sex.

This column from splash Talk to the people who followed the singer’s day In the new project recordings. Anitta became a sensation in the venue, with residents taking advantage and selling space on their boards to photographers to record behind the scenes.

Shortly before the oral sex scene, Anitta’s team went into an alley and asked that the place be as empty as possible. The streets leading to the alley were closed and residents were instructed not to register.

However, after realizing that there will be simulated oral sex, many residents revolt and become uncomfortable with the image Anita is projecting from the setting. Discomfort was general immediately after the “leaked” video spread in the community.

Column sources explain that Anitta’s team was worried about not having kids around. “There were a lot of children watching everything in the football field, but when they went into the alley, they asked that no one be around, especially children. However, people didn’t like what they saw.”

On social networks, the images also caused echoes and divided opinions. “It only promotes the sexualization of women in society”, “It should show the warrior women, who sell lunchboxes in the street and not that” and “What you did was ridiculous, and it actually adds nothing to Brazilian culture” are some of the comments.

I searched for this column splash“This is a scene from the project,” Anitta’s press office stated.

Anita records a video for a new song in a community in Rio

Photo: Victor Chappetta/AgNews