March 31, 2023

A company from Portugal that is recruiting Brazilians; Check out available jobs and how to apply

This news is for those who dream of a job opportunity outside Brazil. A company in Portugal employs several people, including Brazilians, to fill various positions in the country. Sure, this could be an opportunity for those who always wanted to work abroad but couldn’t do it, after all, exchanges are usually very expensive. So, below we will show you how you can apply and get this dream job.

A company in Portugal is recruiting Brazilians – Photo: jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

A company from Portugal has many jobs available

portuguese technology company multi-section You are hiring people to fill different positions. In a major development, the company is obligated to pay costs to foreigners, which include visa, documents and relocation. This is made clear, in the words of CEO Edson Leite, because Portugal is a small country with fewer people trained on existing projects. In this way, vacancies are offered to developers and engineers of different types such as front-end and back-end, cloud, Kubernetes infrastructure, Full Stack software and many more.

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Opportunity can be a gate

As mentioned earlier, multi-section It handles the entire process of hiring foreigners. In addition, it seeks to create a long-term relationship with its contractors in a market that is very promising with good salaries but, perhaps because of that, in which competition is increasing and demanding. With this in mind, the company has chosen to seek professionals who can achieve excellence and competence and for that, it integrates to generate harmony in the professional and family life of its employees.

The multi-sectionwhich has offices in Lisbon and Porto, is certified by ISO 9001:2015 The quality of their posts is appreciated. For this purpose, it aims to find workers, especially Brazilians, who can add to the Portuguese IT market. If you are a professional in this field and dream of living in Europe, the company can be your gateway to an international career.

How to apply

Finally, if you like the idea and are interested in applying for some IT jobs in multi-sectionMake sure to reach There you will find a directory to search for all company opportunities. After choosing the most suitable opportunity for your profile, send your resume directly to the company and wait for the contact.

vacancies in australia

An airport in Australia is responsible for creating 500 jobs. Hence, Perth Airport will have a job fair to be able to find workers who would like to apply for a job vacancy on site. There will be an event that candidates must register for in order to participate. So the address is: Do not forget that you need to make a CV in English.

Vacancies for the United States

The other alternative that the parties involved have is the United States, offering 400 chances. Thus, the battery manufacturer, Ascend Elements, is responsible for opening vacancies, there are many jobs and it is possible to check them on the company’s job site. So, go to: It is also necessary to submit a CV in English.

Amtrak Railway Services in the United States is responsible for opening 4,000 vacancies for those wishing to work in various positions! The areas covered are customer service, technology, finance, and projects, among many others. In addition to vacancies, there are also paid internship opportunities. There will be a number of recruitment events taking place at various locations across the country; For more details visit:

There is still another opportunity in the US through the Bank of London. The foundation announced that it intends to open more than 340 vacant jobs by 2026, and the jobs will cover several areas. Some of the sectors that will be covered will be infrastructure engineering, software development, technological processes, among others. The information is contained in a statement sent to the press by the Foundation.

Vacancies in England

Another opportunity, registration closes on August 24, is to work at the Brazilian Embassy in London. The position is Head Chef and the selected person should be responsible for preparing meals on a daily basis, preparing shopping lists, and managing the kitchen team, among other tasks. The term of the contract will be one year, however, there is the possibility of renewal for the same period. More information at:

vacancies for portugal

Another opportunity in Portugal concerns vacancies at Pepco, a company that will soon open its doors in parts of the country. To be able to submit your resume, just go to: It is not yet known what jobs will be covered or workplaces, so it is necessary to follow up.

Vacancies in Ireland

The Abbot Company, in Ireland, is responsible for offering 1,000 places, designated for two locations: Donegal and Kilkenny. The offer of vacancies comes on the heels of an announcement by the company, which said it intends to increase investment in Ireland, both in its existing plant in Donegal and in setting up a new unit in Kilkenny.

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