January 31, 2023
A contest to name the stars and planets of James Webb;  to share

A contest to name the stars and planets of James Webb; to share

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) launched Name ExoWorlds 2022a competition to nominate 20 systems extrasolar planet and their host stars, which will be observed by the James Space Telescope web.

Anyone can participate: just assemble a team, choose the planetary system of your choice, and sign up with this modelWhere the rules and stages of the competition are explained.

IAU encourages professional and amateur astronomers, field enthusiasts, professors, and students to come together to propose a name for one of these extrasolar worlds (exoplanet + orbiting star).

Artist rendering of an exoplanet and its sun

Photo: ESA/Hubble, M. Kornmesser

The name proposal must be presented in video and written form, with ideas related to the cultures of the peoples of our planet. The NameExoWorlds The year 2022 recognizes that the Earth contains diverse cultures and peoples and wants to connect them to worlds very far in the universe.

Use your creativity, respecting some restrictions: The names of real people (dead or living) or names of existing celestial bodies (eg Pluto 2) are not allowed. innovations and suitcase (Joining parts of two or more words to form a new word) is also prohibited, as are trade names, organizations, pets, abbreviations, and religious, military or political institutions.

Proposals will go through a two-stage selection process: first, on national selection committees, led by the IAU National Guidance Coordinators, who will select the best proposal from each country, with two backup candidates. In the second part, International, a committee will consider the candidates proposed by countries and decide the official names for each “ExoWorld”.

The idea of ​​the competition appeared in a speech delivered at the press conference of the 31st General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Busanin South Korea, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Bureau of Astronomy Extension (OAO .’s office astronomy communication) from the IAU.

“For the past decade, the Astronomical Extension Office has struggled to build bridges between professionals and amateurs, reporters, educators and the public. It’s exciting to have a new competition. NameExoWorlds Ongoing to celebrate the tenth anniversary of OAO“, He said Debra seducersFederation President.