May 31, 2023

A couple from Brasilia were found dead in their apartment in California, USA Federal District

Gladioner was found dead with his wife in their apartment in America. — Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

Jose Gladioner da Cruz28 years old, and Andressa Pereira26 years old, resident of Brasilia, They were found dead in their San Francisco apartmentIn the state of California in the United States. The couple from Vicente Pires had been abroad since January.

The bodies were found on Monday (8). This Wednesday (10), Gladioner’s family said US police suspected a gas leak.

said Rayane, Gladioner’s sister TV Globo The couple planned to return to Brasilia in July. He said the bodies have not yet been released to bring to Brazil.

The family said there were no signs that the apartment had been ransacked and that Gladioner and Andressa had no injuries. Gladioner had a restaurant in Lago SulIn Brasilia.

Through social networks of the restaurant, friends expressed their condolences on the death of the entrepreneur. They also posted happy pictures of the youngster, asking them to remember Gladioner for his smile.

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Posts by Gladiner’s friends paying tribute on social networks. – Photo: Social Networks/Expression

Friends are paying tribute on social media. – Photo: Social Networks/Expression

Friends and colleagues of Gladiner are paying tribute on social media. — Photo: Advertising/Social Networks
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In a statement, the Brazilian consulate in San Francisco “is aware of the case and is in contact with local authorities with a view to investigating the circumstances of the death,” the foreign ministry said.

Itamarathi also said that consular assistance will be provided to the family members.

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