May 31, 2023

A couple won $13 million in a lottery, but the money turns to dust: what happened?

Having a large amount with bad management is a big risk, as there is a high probability of this You lose all the money conquered in any way.

We wonder how we can lose something valuable, more so when there are plans for it, but with irresponsibility it is simpler than we think.

From the lottery to the gutter

This surprising case was the reality of an American couple who won the lottery in the 90s, collecting $ 13 million in their bank account. Thanks to their luck, the millionaires were soon being reported in the mainstream media, and featured in many places, they were really living the dream.

The couple imagined their luck windfall, after betting with the last of their savings, and spared no effort to capitalize on a lucky streak that uniquely came at a good time. However, they did not expect that after that moment, like everything in life, what was good could come to an end.

From luck to chance

The ways of spending became endless, and the luxury and convenience of large sums made Rhoda and Alex not think twice about their loss, let alone the consequences that might ensue.

Expenses took a certain role in their lives, there were options to avoid slipping, but they were not given due attention, because the only thing that mattered was spending.

From large expenses with expensive gifts, many trips and group bragging, the couple wanted to take advantage of their fame in various ways, getting to know the big names on the world stage such as the presenter of the program Oprah and the former President of the United States Donald Trump.

Money is not grass

Unfortunately, there was bad management on these adventures, for the excesses were many, but the care so little, that they were reduced to a worrisome situation.

Alex and Rhoda are soon reduced to nonsensical examples of what not to do with their hard earned money, as they soon find themselves penniless.

Rhoda Dean racked up $2.5 million and ended up getting arrested for tax fraud, while Alex died of a heart attack, but before the end of his life, he was diagnosed with a mental illness.

This case only illustrates the need to manage any amount received, since the temptations to spend, as well as stress and mental problems, can make a person lose all the money he has earned.