November 28, 2022
A credit card gives up to 40 days without interest to pay for purchases

A credit card gives up to 40 days without interest to pay for purchases

Client can You can now count on your new credit card. credit Exclusive for app users. With this card, you can pay within 40 days of making a purchase.

First, it is important to know that when you use a Caixa Tem credit card as a form of payment, the credit card company does something similar to lend. Therefore, it repays the amount with the foundation and gives you a deadline to pay the expenses. To guarantee the 40-day period offered by Caixa Tem, it is necessary to calculate the best day to make your purchases.

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It is very easy to organize and calculate this date, you just need to pay attention to the closing day of your bill and make purchases on the day after closing. For example: If you close your bill on the 10th, the best day to shop is the 11th. By doing so, the cost of this purchase will not appear on the next invoice.

The closing date corresponds to the day the administrator closes the accounts for the month prior to the issuance of the card bill. From there, all purchases will be included in the other month’s bill. Generally, it closes 10 days before the invoice is due, to allow time for the payment voucher to be issued and sent to the customer.

To order your Caixa Tem Card, just open the app, go to the “Credit Card” tab, click on the orange “I want my Caixa Tem Card” button and fill in the information that will be requested, such as: address, email, best expiry day, Among other things. The contract is done entirely online.

Other Caixa Tem Credit Card Benefits

This type of card offers other advantages to users, find out now:

  • Zero pension
  • Supplementary Card
  • virtual card;
  • It is accepted abroad;
  • It has benefits from the Vai de Visa program.

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Photo: Caixa Tem credit card website.