July 4, 2022
A cult leader with human sacrifices dies in a police car accident

A cult leader with human sacrifices dies in a police car accident

Kevin Smith died after the accident – Photo: clone

  • A horrific cult leader was arrested after a police operation on the 17th

  • Agents invaded a cult that killed two people as a human sacrifice

  • Kevin Smith and a policeman did not fight back injuries from a traffic accident

A horrific cult leader died last Monday (25), in Jamaica, after a traffic accident. Kevin Smith was in police custody for just over a week when the incident occurred.

Kevin has been in police custody since 17, when a police operation stormed a cult session at a Montego Bay church, and more than 100 people attended the service, 14 of them children and all wearing white robes.

According to local press reports, two followers were stabbed to death as a form of human sacrifice during the ritual. A third person also died during the police operation.

Sect leader Kevin was arrested and taken to a police station in Montego Bay, and last Monday was driven by car to the capital, Kingston, where he will be formally charged with the murders.

A policeman was also killed in an accident

On the way, the car had a serious accident. Kevin and one of the officers who were transferred died. The other two workers in the car were seriously injured.