February 1, 2023
A dirty name can have serious consequences for a citizen: find out which one

A dirty name can have serious consequences for a citizen: find out which one

More than 68 million Brazilians rednecks🇧🇷 The vast majority are between the ages of 31 and 40. According to Serasa, in September, the number of negatives delivered its ninth consecutive increase. stay with Dirty name It’s a situation that involves a lot of embarrassment, and to make matters worse, it can have devastating consequences.

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It’s just that a passive person finds more barriers and closed doors in trading. Especially when trying to get a loan or loan. This happens because the debtor citizen’s CPF is in an irregular situation. Information indicates that the name is registered with credit protection agencies, such as SPC and Serasa.

Bad consequences for a dirty name

The expert advice is that people always try to get out of default as quickly as possible. This only happens after the debt is paid off.

To avoid a dirty name, the ideal is to try to negotiate the debt with the company before getting a negative CPF in the box. When a citizen defaults, he faces several financial restrictions when requesting financing or any type of credit.

The reason is that organizations use customer history analysis as an exercise in checking financial life. Negative people face many other consequences, including worrying about debt interest, which can further damage the family budget.

Orientation is also to take advantage of negotiating exhibitions Debts, such as the one implemented by Serasa. In some cases, the discount is almost 100%. Large companies are participating in the initiative, including: Claro, Bradesco, Itaú, Riachuelo, Banco do Brasil, Magazine Luiza, Santander, C6 Bank and many others.

To check out the full list, simply access the Serasa website and see all the companies participating in the initiative. It’s also worth taking advantage of the free CPF consultation service to check your citizen status and see if there are any outstanding issues that might leave the name dirty on the market.