July 18, 2024

A disabled dog cries when he realizes where his new owners will take him

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A disabled dog cries when he realizes where his new owners will take him
A disabled dog cries when he realizes where his new owners will take him

In May of this year, a little dog named Bevo received the best gift ever. After spending a lot of time on the streets with two of his canine friends, he was finally adopted. But this was only possible thanks to the rescue group.

Bevo is a black coated animal with white paws and suffers from a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. All the members of the trio had this state of health, so it seemed like living on the streets was their only destiny.

But everything changed when Stray Rescue rescued them and took them to St. Lewis, Missouri, United States. The disease does not cause pain, but of course the ordinary people who saw them on the street thought that they could and that they could not lead a good and ordinary life, so they spent a lot of time alive.

After arriving at foster home, a couple from Atlanta ended up meeting the pup and instantly fell in love. Bevo finally got a home and two teachers. A video of the dog arriving at the new home was posted to Facebook on May 20.

In the scenes, the dog wanders into the yard in an awkward manner due to illness. The teacher crouched more forward to encourage you to explore the site. It’s as if the little dog couldn’t believe he finally had a home to stay and rest.

While walking, the teacher encourages the puppy, knowing that he is a good animal and deserves all the love in the world.

At one point in the video, you can see that the dog has tears in its eyes, and is happy that it was finally rescued and adopted. Since leaving the streets, Bivou’s life has changed overnight.

He will take some time to get used to the routine and he will also have to understand that he no longer has to worry about searching for food to survive, at home he will have everything he needs and then some.

The video, shared on the shelter’s profile where Bevo was before adoption, has garnered more than 2,200 views, 121,000 likes, and 3,800 comments.

“This literally brought me tears of pure happiness!!! He’s such a precious baby! I never get tired of watching this video!! I’m so happy for him and his family. He deserves the best life ever and looks like he’s going to get it!! Alhamdulillah and thanks for saving the stray!!” Congratulations Bivo and teachers!One netizen commented, I wish you all the blessings always!!

“He is so cute, seeing these kind of dogs we see they are always happy and seeing what he’s going through shows he doesn’t stop them from doing anything, these dogs are so adorable and happy. God said to him and the love of his owner, makes me tearfully happy.”

“Oh, that warms my heart. Bevo is such a beautiful angel. Knowing that he is in such a loving and wonderful home is so beautiful. Happily ever after Bevo and family!” Karen added.

Bivo and her canine friends deserve a loving home, and others are sure to be adopted too.

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