December 6, 2023
Diver catches a shark

A diver catches a skirt shark in the Caribbean and biologists are trying to save the animal

Biologists in the Cayman Islands are searching for a nurse shark that has been seen swimming with a skirt attached to its body. Pictures of the animal circulated on social media after a diver photographed it in the waters of the Caribbean Sea in October.

Since then, the Cayman Islands Department of the Environment has been leading efforts to locate the creature. The authority urged the “diving and snorkeling community to look out for a nurse shark that became entangled in a coarse mesh sac that ended up in the sea.”

The shark was last seen at the Eagleray Pass dive site. The research team reports that they are already doing their best to locate and help the shark, but so far they have been unsuccessful and they need help.

Diver catches a shark
A diver catches a “skirt” shark in the Caribbean. Photo: Playback/Facebook

“It is up to us to do what we can at this time to ensure our personal items and litter are secured for safe disposal and even trash is removed from the environment if possible. We hope to find and release this nurse shark soon.” , wrote the environmental department on its social networks.

Diver Brad Nelson was the last to see the animal. He captioned his social media: “This sad shark was wearing a mesh bag (very vintage). Unfortunately, I didn’t have my massive scissors to help him out of his predicament.”