September 26, 2022
Govind Nandakumar

A doctor stuck in a traffic jam gets out of the car and runs 3 km to the hospital for emergency surgery

Govind Nandakumar was in a car on his way to hospital in Bengaluru (India) Emergency surgery. But, according to an app, an extension that is normally covered in 5 minutes should only complete in 45 minutes, due to traffic jam Because of the heavy rains at this time in the region, which is called monsoon.

Unable to wait, the surgeon left the car with the driver and ran to the hospital. Gastroenterologist He cut 3 kilometers at a fast pace so as not to be late for the operation Successful laparoscopic cholecystectomy. He even posted a moment from the race on social media:

“Given the massive traffic jam, I decided to leave the car with the driver and ran towards the hospital without thinking”the doctor said, according to NDTV.

The episode took place on August 30.

“I don’t like keeping patients waiting too long.”added the doctor, who spread on social media as an example of dedication to the profession.

Govind Nandakumar Photo: Clone

Bengaluru has a population of 12 million people and about 10 million vehicles circulate through the city, which is Notorious for big traffic jams, which are more intense during the rainy season. According to international analysts, it is among the most traffic-trafficked cities in the world.