A family and its tournament

Une famille et son tournoi

The hockey Tournament pee-wee of Waterloo, it is in the family that it lives in the Bazinet.

To 54 years, the vice-president Martin Bazinet is involved in the tournament since he was… 12 or 13 years old. He has transmitted his passion to his children, Marc-Antoine, 28 years old, and Anne, 24 years old, who are also become important members of the organization. And he is proud.

“Marc-Antoine has played in the tournament, and he later started to get involved, as her sister, after dad had dragged on for years at the arena, laughs Martin, who has been chairman of the event before Jocelyn Bélisle. They love hockey, but they are involved mostly for the sake of giving back to the community that has seen them grow up. They understand that the Tournament pee-wee, it’s important for Waterloo, and that it takes the world to deal with it. “

Marc-Antoine and Anne have touched absolutely everything over the last few years within the organization. If you go through the arena Jacques-Chagnon in the end of the week, you will hear the first to announce and you will see the second take of photos. There is always at least one Bazinet on-site during the two weeks of the tournament.

“It’s still a very nice moment in the year,” explains Marc-Antoine. When it comes to the Holidays, we know that the tournament is coming and it is excited. My wife has given birth to a child six months ago, I am more busy than ever, but I still find time to give hours to the tournament. It’s a part of me. “

“It is said that the tournaments of hockey life difficult, but the people of Waterloo remain faithful to the event and we can be proud of,” Anne. Me, I have been involved since… as long as I can remember. And it is correct like that. I have the tournament’s logo tattooed on the heart. “

Marc-Antoine and Anne, who both have good jobs, do not hesitate to pay tribute to their father when the time comes to analyze the success of the tournament, which is in its 45th edition and which securely holds the shot.

“Dad has done so much and he still does so, and resumes Marc-Antoine. It is there all year long, and even when it’s 35 degrees in the middle of summer, it makes calls to ensure the presence of such-and-such a team. The tournament owes him a lot. “

“I’m proud of him,” adds Anne. He is still working full-time, but it does not count the hours for the tournament. He always aims high for the event. “

More than a sporting event

Martin Bazinet, who form a great team with the president Bélisle, has the tournament to heart to the point where it’s just taken two weeks of vacation in order to be able to give all their time to the event.

“After all these years, I still have a lot of fun. The hardest thing is to see my friends volunteer to leave, either because they simply move on to something else or because they leave for a world supposedly better. After 45 years, the tournament, it is much more than a simple sporting event, even more so in a small community such as that of Waterloo. Our tournament, it’s a big family. “

The leader of the clan Bazinet did not know if he will continue to get involved again for years.

“I’ll probably be there for a couple of years. It is certain that the succession is not abundant and that those who are already there have a certain pressure. At the same time, I know that the Waterlois will not let go of their tournament like this. It is important, the tournament pee-wee, at Waterloo… “

And his children have understood.

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