March 30, 2023

A father loses both of his legs while saving his daughters from a snow plow accident

Dave Milne threw himself at his two daughters to prevent them from being drawn into the machine; The case occurred in California

Dad lost both legs saving his daughters in California

Dad lost both legs saving his daughters in California

Photo: Playback / GoFundMe

A brave father ended up losing both of his legs trying to save his two daughters from being run over by a snow plow. The case occurred at a ski resort in Northern California (United States of America).

According to the British newspaper daily Mail, Dave Milne and his wife Claire have been taking three-year-old Isla and one-year-old Anna for ski lessons at Mammoth MountainOn the morning of December 15th. At the scene, a snow removal car appears, causing Dave to throw himself at the children to stop them from being sucked into the machine.

The Australian Defense Force veteran, who lives in San Diego, California, manages to keep Anna under his body, but Isla is seriously wounded. In addition, Dave was trapped in the device for over an hour before rescuers managed to free him and take him to the hospital. He was conscious the whole time.

Dave’s injuries resulted in a double amputation, one above the left knee and one below the right knee. He also broke his femur, pelvis, several lower vertebrae, sacrum and three ribs.

The girl’s father had to undergo ten surgeries and further procedures are already planned. Isla also underwent surgeries after sustaining fractures in her legs and pelvis, in addition to other injuries. Despite this, the outlook is for her to recover well.

still according to daily Mail, the family had just moved to the United States. After the accident, Tsen Bogan, a friend of the couple, created a GoFundMe page to help them with their treatment. In the text, he stated that the family had already returned to Sydney and that they would “begin a long process of physical and mental rehabilitation”.

In his 21st foot update, Bogan reports that Dave had another surgery on the 20th to remove stitches in his right leg, with the procedures continuing on other areas of his body.

“During that time, Claire and Dave demonstrated strength and resilience beyond comprehension. The family came together with a positive determination for the future. Many of us are shocked by this news and are looking for a way to support Milne through this unimaginable time.”

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