January 29, 2023
Bárbara Borges vence a Roça Falsa

A Fazenda 14: Barbara Borges is “eliminated” at Roça Falsa

Thursday night, December 1, was filled with tension, nervousness, and chills on “A Fazenda 14.” The fake game left people on edge on the deck of Adriane Galisteu. And it was no different with the audience.

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after every thing, Barbara Borges was voted the most by the publicHe won the dynamic with a close vote from Deolane in second place. Pétala Barreiros fans have abandoned their support for the influencer to encourage the lawyer. So your vote was practically nil – less than one percent.

See how the vote went:

Barbara Burgess: 52.32%
Deolin Bezerra: 47.26%
Petal Barreros: 00.42%

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Before announcing the roca a fake, Gallisto invites the actress to watch Diolan’s comeback with her – something that doesn’t happen in a normal marble. Just then tell us what this week’s reality show is all about.

The actress clearly didn’t hold back and opened a huge smile once she heard the news. Screams, jumps and more in-studio celebrations. The presenter said that she was also very emotional. Watch:

country secret

Adriane Galisteu announces to the audience that a secret will surround A Fazenda in the coming days. The eliminated worker would spend a night at the farmer’s farm – a space where he usually took guests for a leisurely afternoon. On Saturday afternoon, there will be a surprise encounter:

“On Friday, he will choose two of the farmer’s hands who are invited to meet him at the farm. They will be there for a while, chatting, and watching some footage from the headquarters. At the end of the afternoon, the two guests return.”

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He finally explained the participants’ vow of silence. Until Saturday, when the faker returns, they shouldn’t even give a hint about the information they won the game.

“They can’t say anything about what they discovered in the farm. If they talk or give hints or signs or anything like that, the three of them will be punished by forming a thunderbolt between them. It’s crazy to say,” he joked, “isn’t it?”

Finally, Galisteu joked about the big return of the discarded decor. Of course, the moment should be epic for those friends left behind, but a pure disappointment for the supposed rivals. With two weeks left until the end of the reality show, there’s a lot of water to run in this river!

buy the rock?

Why not add more peppers to this season of “A Fazenda 14”? The reality TV recording is on fire. Despite this, Deolane is willing to go above and beyond. The businesswoman really has new plans to outsmart her main rival on this latest segment of the country show, Barbara Borges.

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In a conversation with Pia Miranda, Petala Barreros, and Elaine Cardoso, the lawyer planned to spread fake news, which would reach Papi’s ears – to scare the actress from the rumors. Of course, Kevin’s widow laughed at her thirsty friends.

Deulan promised by saying that she paid to win the reality show and leave her archenemy in despair. Of course, there is nothing out of the ordinary in saying this. It is a strategy that can really destabilize other pawns within the house.

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With her friends paying attention to her rhetoric, Deulan blurted out:

[Quando ela estiver] Pretending to be asleep, I’ll say to Petala like this: I paid to stay until the final, so that they wouldn’t take me away. So be at peace! We’ll be back tomorrow.”

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