February 1, 2023
Deolane critica vida sexual de Bárbara

A Fazenda 14: Deolane’s comments on Barbara’s sexuality

Deolane Bezerra bet on satire at Dinâmica da Discord on “A Fazenda 14” on Sunday night November 27th. The game will only be broadcast on Record TV on Monday, November 28, but excerpts from the program are already available and it’s possible to watch the circus in flames among the participants. Deolane, Babi, and Strawberry take part in one during the night.

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As usual, the participants needed to distribute fates or traits to their fellow players. This time, who will or will not reach the final of the program under the leadership of Rodrigo Carelli. Of course, no one likes to hear that he “didn’t make it to the final at all.” Mainly because there is just over two weeks left until the end of the programme.

Pétala Barreiros gave that unwanted painting to Bárbara Borges. And as Adriane Galisteu usually points out in her speeches, the actress responded very well. It remains to be seen whether the crowd and his fellow players bought his arguments.

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According to Iran’s best friend, many of the sexual discourses in rural reality came from the women themselves. Carioca returned to the Shay controversy, when the Iranian was chased away by the first group, for walking around the house in white underwear and staying near the bathroom while other women were showering. According to Babi, the arguments are subject to appeal, while the statements of his competitors are not.

“Your friend is one of those most reproducing masculinity, putting it on as if you were interested in a role*. And I’m talking about you, because while I was there, Kerlin, Rovina, you started to raise this issue of masculinity with regard to Shay and kept putting it up against the wall and the other women,” he said.

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Returning to this season’s old pawn argument, Pape said that Group A pawns like to point out mistakes in their opponents, but they don’t see their own inconsistent positions. According to her, they don’t “care”.

You have come several times to question me, questioning my whereabouts. However, when there is an assault on women, which comes from the women themselves, from you, in this case, you don’t care. It’s a lot of inconsistency, immaturity and malice.”

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While speaking, Deolan tried to interrupt the actress’s speech. did not work. With comments between one sentence and another, the artist continued her argument despite the grades. In the video, you can hear the lawyer criticizing the sexuality of her biggest enemy in the house today.

“You make fun of sex. Crazy! Need! I ate badly, I loved badly!” Kevin’s widow joked.

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At that moment, Elaine Cardoso intervened in the conversation. She pointed out the fact that Barbara had been arguing with Bea Miranda and Petala Barreros, whom she considered girls. Therefore, the actress would have no reason to stir up such a discussion. Expressing his indignation with the Rio de Janeiro speech, he called her “old mackerel.”

“You talk about immaturity, Papi, but the mackerel is as old as you, Papi, fighting with two girls you think are babies! You say they are babies, immature. That’s ugly,” the dancer accused.

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