September 26, 2023
'A Fazenda 14': Record shows first Iranian Malfitano's controversial rape talk |  Television

‘A Fazenda 14’: Record shows first Iranian Malfitano’s controversial rape talk | Television

Pia Miranda reveals controversial Iran Malfitano rhetoricreproduction

Posted on 10/13/2022 07:31

RIO – Wednesday’s edition of “A Fazenda 14” premiered Iran’s controversial Malfitano speech on rape. After Pia Miranda mentioned the episode in the formation of the Roca, the radio showed viewers what had happened.

“I won’t call a man who makes fun of rape. He has nowhere to talk to make fun of. I’ve been abused. Have I been abused before, Iran? A man says I’m going to hit my mouth… Pity his daughter!”, Pia said in a swede formation.

Record, then, showing the audience what Iran Malfitano said. “If rape is inevitable, relax and have fun,” said the former “Malhação” actress. In addition, the VAR also showed that Petala reprimanded the actor.

After the repercussions of the matter at the headquarters, Iran defended itself and said that his speech was out of context. “I told Mama (Rosian’s nickname) something I said, and I said it wrong. That sentence doesn’t fit anymore. But then Petalla turned to me and said, ‘Hey friend, this sentence is too heavy.'” Don’t say ‘who-that’.

But I know that in the old days that phrase was the kind that was said. That’s why I lifted the ball for ‘Trapalhões’ and ‘Escolinha’ [do Professor Raimundo], because they were the jokes that were made at the time and can no longer be said today. I said that even the context has changed. He added that what I said was taken out of context…”.

He concluded, “The context was saying Mama had arrested a man, and I meant the man had to take advantage of that moment. She put the phrase in a very ugly way.”