March 23, 2023
A Fazenda 2022 - Elimination: Ruivinha de Marte is the tenth eliminated

A Fazenda 2022 – Elimination: Ruivinha de Marte is the tenth eliminated

Ruivinha de Marte was the tenth eliminated from the “farm 2022” (RecordTV) The Influencer is the least voted at 24.58%. More votes received to follow.

Bea Miranda and Andre Marinho follow in reality show Rustic – Gretchen’s granddaughter got 39.84%, and a The singer, who was the first to return to the headquarters, received 35.58% of the vote.

Adriane Galisteu lamented not being able to embrace Ruivinha, thanked the influencer for her participation in the program and questioned her positions in the game.

“We wanted more Ruivinha, we wanted more dancing. I remember the day it all started, back there, at the beginning of it all, I said, ‘Oh, I’m going to answer things with sarcasm, I’m going to joke a lot.'” I really missed what you said at our press conference. do you remember that? ‘ asked the presenter.

“I remember. The pressure of the game, whatever you do inside becomes a reason to vote, becomes a reason for everything. And I was so afraid of people judging me and even today inside the show I was walking on eggshells. They saw me do things and they threw them in my face. And I was pruning myself more and more. Justify it.

A Fazenda: What wiped out Ruivinha de Marte in the ninth section of “A Fazenda”?





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Who came out of ‘A Fazenda 2022’? Reality’s pawns have been eliminated

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