A first bout of six rounds for Yan Pellerin

Un premier combat de six rounds pour Yan Pellerin

After having delivered five bouts of four rounds since its debut in boxing, Yan Pellerin is preparing for its first battle of the six assaults, which will be held February 16 at the Cabaret du Casino de Montréal.

“This is another step, a new market,” says Pellerin, who will then Justin Schmit, a guy from Alberta, who shows a record of two wins, two by K. O., and three defeats.

As the Granbyen, Schmit is a product of mixed martial arts, where it has maintained a card-a modest four wins and nine defeats. It is also a former tough guy in hockey.

“He hits non-stop, it gives a lot of shots, resumes Pellerin. They told me to expect a tough fight. “

Pellerin, who has a record of 4-1, claims to be a bit behind in his training, he spent ten days on the back during the Holiday season because of the disease.

“I put the overdrive currently. I’ll be ready when the bell is about to ring the 16. “

Another Granbyen, that of adoption, will participate at the next gala presented by Groupe Yvon Michel at the Cabaret du Casino. This is Alex Beaulé, who made the jump to boxing after having fought five fights in mixed martial arts. Beaulé is a great friend of Pellerin.

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