A first role in front of the camera in 20 years for Marc-André Coallier

Un premier rôle devant la caméra en 20 ans pour Marc-André Coallier

As of 30 January, you’ll find Marc-André Coallier as an actor in front of the camera for the first time in over twenty years, while he held the title role in the new webseries of Radio-Canada Germain is turned off.

“It is true that it is not wrong for a long time that I haven’t played on television, concedes that for which the last appearance dates back to 1996, in the series Jasmine. I’ve led, I’ve done a lot of theatre since then, I’ve had a few appearances in other webseries in which I played a bit of my own character, but a real role… “

It is therefore with much enthusiasm that he was immersed in the skin of Germain, two years ago, for the short film Return of quality filmmakers Daniel Abraham et Pierre-Alexandre Girard, and from which is derived the series of six episodes of ten minutes each, shot them last October.

“Germain, he is a man of fifty or sixty years who is depressed, for there is nothing that works in life. Even the technological objects flanchent all as soon as they approach it, ” says the actor.

He went to the doctor, who diagnoses a serious problem of planned obsolescence. “He is sentenced to die or to make the transplant of stem cells made in Taiwan. He will try by all means to get out there and prove to his wife [Sandra Dumaresq] and his 16 year old daughter [Daisy Of Love] that it is not completely old-fashioned. “

Un premier rôle devant la caméra en 20 ans pour Marc-André Coallier

In his quest for ” healing “, it will also encounter other “obsolete” like him, ” continues Marc-André Coallier, an operator at 411 (Nathalie Mallette) and a servicer (Alexis Martin). “They will form sort of the network of Obsolete Anonymous. “

Socially outdated ?

Despite a storyline that pulls absolutely towards the absurd and the comedy, Marc-André Coallier ensures that the webseries is more akin to the drama. “In fact, it is a comedy, but played as a drama, and a little on the same tone as black Series “, compare-t-il.

“My character really suffers from what happens to him, and is very serious when he asks his daughter if he can receive e-mails when her computer is closed “, he adds.

Resolutely, Germain has turned off invites us to reflect on our relationship with technology in “a big wink to our society,” believes the actor. “What could it be that it comes to consider the human obsolete ? If you don’t have a cell, that you’re not on Facebook, you write letters that you send by post… are you outdated, socially speaking ? ” asks he.


This first role of composition in front of the camera for a long time, probably will not be an isolated act for Marc-André Coallier, since the owner of The Marjoram plans to attend again the sets. “I’ve already had several offers, but I had to refuse, because I was not available “, let he know.

Is that tv series are turning more and more during the summer, ” he says, which is not compatible with the summer season in full swing at his theatre. “But I want to free myself, make myself more available. It is for this reason that I hope to have the next generation for The Marjoram. “For the moment, however, nothing moves on that side.

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