September 28, 2022
'A glass shard in the lips', describes a lawyer with monkeypox

‘A glass shard in the lips’, describes a lawyer with monkeypox

Use attorney Joao Pinheiro social networks To report his experience with monkeypox (monkeypox), which caused a painful infection on the lips, initially resembling canker sores.

According to the boy, who is in a hospital in Sao Paulo recovering from illness, the pain from this wound was so much that he took morphine.

Credit: Play / Twitter / joaotweepFalse lip lesion for ulcer lesion only increases with days

“The pain I can describe is: several glass shards on my lips and pliers you press on. It’s localized pain but polyneuropathy, terrible, 10 out of 10,” he described in one publication.

He explained that other injuries to the body did not hurt, but rather felt itchy like a “mosquito bite.”

“I had some on my face, but even they came out and left no marks. However, the mouth wound was worth all the other wounds I could get. Doctors say things are more difficult because it is in the mucous membrane,” the young man explained.

monkey pox

Credit: Play / Twitter / joaotweepHe likened the pain to the feeling of shards of glass on the lips.

Joao said he does not know how he contracted the virus. He said he was in Europe in July and only dated one person during the entire trip.


Symptoms started when he returned to Brazil. “I started getting tired/tired – which I thought was because of the 45°C temperature I was doing where I was – and then I got a cold sore (photo). But that cold sore didn’t get better, it just got bigger and then I started to feel swollen nodes in my neck”, He also wrote, who also reported a mild fever and joint pain.

At the time, he sought medical attention and was tested for the disease, which came back positive.

monkey pox

Credit: Play / Twitter / joaotweepAlso, rashes spread to other parts of the body

The lawyer says he is on the twelfth day of illness, with the pain under control and should be discharged soon. “I think it’s important to disclose the reports so that people are informed and know that while it is not fatal, the symptoms can be very severe,” he said.