A good “Bye Bye”, a perfect Anne Dorval

Un bon «Bye Bye», une parfaite Anne Dorval

CHRONIC / Not a big “Bye Bye”, but a good “Bye Bye”. And Anne Dorval at the top of his timing humorous. A review comedy that brings people together for this 50th anniversary, to which the stars of previous years have been built naturally. But those who dreamed of review Dodo in a skit, had to settle for his wishes to punch-out the year. A moment that had something solemn.

Claude Legault, who was making his debut, Bye Bye, have generally been well managed and has seen a lot. His Donald Trump was in two skits. A first, in which his Melamina was kidnapped by the evil Damien “. 2”, which obliges it to give old pigs. “Yet? It’s been 13 years that I’ve been doing it all day!” complained the great Melamina Anne Dorval. Then, a second, less successful, in which the president imagined a honeymoon with Kim Jong-un.

In the category of the best skits, “SOSO”, a parody of XOXO, with ÉlisabÊta, Olivier Primate, and Cary Tauben (excellent Stone Cuff), which “does nothing” and door of the tumble “with a coat over”. That has been eliminated? The show! Once again, Anne Dorval shone in Anouk Meunier too much content to animate. She had just compose an extraordinary Hubert Lenoir “nipple overexposed”, more true than true.

In bulk, the sketch of Trudeau in Bollywood was not the most funny, but visually the most impressive. “House of CAQ”, with François Legault, who attributes his departments with the help of an abacus, was very successful. Loved the one about the cancellation of SLAV and Kanata, where Robert Lepage assign the role of Black Panther Luc Picard. “Who says african music is said Michel Rivard”, adds the director, who entrusts the character of a tree to an actor black, ignoring recommendations. The team of authors has taken up the challenge of ridicule Lepage more than his detractors. I liked “thirst,” which ridiculed the desperate of the bottle, in full strike of the SAQ. A conflict “that has put Quebec in fire and blood, with its means of pressure inhuman”. In the mouth of Manon Massé, citing the success of Aretha Franklin, a Natural Woman” became “It makes me feel like a natural woman”. Véronique Claveau was playing it, that it has too little views, and yet is still excellent.

On the side of the invited artists, Marc Labrèche once again fly with his Celine, in his pub, weird clothes not genrés. Less funny than the sketch of the shooting for Vogue. RBO we came back with a classic, “around the world in 3 minutes and 20 seconds”, parodying Kim Jong One, Vladimir Putin, on well-known tunes, and sparing not Quebec by the way. “It is a perfect city astheure that it was a IQUÉA”, sang satisfied customers. The group has already done better, but it was pure RBO, not being afraid to illustrate a journalist died in a garbage bag.

“The humorist scarlet”, in reference to The handmaid’s tale, describing a world where laughter is punishable by death. Unable to obey, Mariana Mazza and Mike Ward have been as a punishment to become “humeuristes” Gravel in the morning. The flash was interesting, but the result is rather disappointing, and ironically, not very funny. The sketch on Catherine Dorion, personified by Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc, has missed its target. Same failure for the skit, Mario Pelchat, who was going nowhere.


Earlier in the evening, live from the universe – Special Day of the Year gave the taste of dancing almost from the beginning to the end. The number is the more delusional : the one of the drag queens Alexandre Goyette, personifying Jennifer Lopez, and Norman “Lady Aqua Velva” Love in a pastiche of Lady Gaga, wearing a gigantic wig white. Total Surprise of Maude Guérin, to whom the number was intended. She and the other three guests mystery, Claude Legault, Kim Thúy, and Pier-Luc Funk, had been kidnapped early in the morning by the IPL, Marie-Chantal Perron, and sent in the “salad bowl”.

Still a number of open helter-skelter a length of more than 10 minutes. Reaction was explosive and Kim Thúy when she saw her friend taxi driver, came from France and that she was not waiting at all. And emotional, being to sing “take it home” by Fred Pellerin, surrounded by families who have found refuge in Canada, as it was 40 years ago. I would have also taken one or two moments of emotion more. At the same time there is no reproach not to the team to opt for the tone of the party, on the eve of the Day of the Year.


Very good vintage d’To the next year. Michèle Deslauriers is simply delusional in his pastiche of Safia Nolin, and his version of “third link” of Limoilou. Dominic Paquet is a perfect Tire with the coyote and his “Rona is backorder”, just like Eric Lapointe which mouth, more real than nature. The gag the more scathing was intended to Emmanuelle Latraverse, by pope Francis, Dominic Paquet : “You have already received it, your penance: you will end your career in VAT.”


A lot of good flashes in Infoman 2018, where Jean-René Dufort has been spank by porn star Stormy Daniels, who has revealed in have done so with Donald Trump. We came back with Denys Paris to play Ti-Coune, “a foreign correspondent in Charlevoix,” which was mimicked, and mumbled the G7. The presentations of each month were almost all successful. Very good flash: Guylaine Tremblay, who returns to the bankruptcy of the travel agency which it was the spokesman, flanked by Jean-René disguised as Mrs. Sinorama. And Catherine Dorion, which presents the month of November in its “big tank”. Jean-René has visited the yellow vests to Paris to find that “the average French found a lot more steep as we are.” Great to accompany the speech of Macron violin and “gif” from the faces that mourn.

François Legault said, almost laughing, as his minister Simon Jolin-Barrette could speak 10 minutes “without saying anything”. A skill that would enable him to “give lessons to others”, he added. Then, he called his minister of the Environment, MarieChantal Chassé, “the woman competent”, specifying that she was “in the process of learning how it works journalists”. Curious to know if it will hang on the wall the frame with the box to cover the crucifix, displaying the face of his wife.

The Queer Eye, transformed into “Scheer’s Eye”, was a good start but did a little “pouet pouet”. The “relookeurs” Simon Boulerice and Jean-Paul Daoust assisted the chief curator with dimples “to reclaim its basin”, by offering him two outfits more colorful to better compete with its opponents. Mr. Scheer has loved, but will he?

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