December 8, 2022

a hero! Cruzeiro sees opponents losing and winning the second division title

Photo: Marcos Vieira/EM/DAPress

Cruzeiro confirmed the Serie B title on his account after defeats to Germio and Bahia on Friday. The fans threw the party tonight, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the players in attendance

It was a matter of time, but this Friday (30th), Cruzeiro won the 2022 Brazilian Championship Serie A title six rounds ahead.

With 71 points, Cruzeiro can no longer be reached in the rankings. Days after confirming their entry to Serie A in 2023, Paolo Pezzolano’s side are now celebrating the title with just 21 wins, eight draws and just three defeats. Overall performance after 32 rounds is 74%.

With the setback for Sampaio Cora 2-1, in Marano, Grmio stopped at 53 points. Although he can go as high as 71, Tricolor Gacho is not in a position to reward Raposa in number of wins (21 to 14) in the last six rounds.

Bahia, in turn, lost 3-1 to Chapecoense at Arena Conde in Chapec and got 52 points. Tom and Willian Pope’s goals for Santa Catarina secured Cruzeiro’s victory at Segundona.

With the title confirmed mathematically, Cruzeiro will be able to celebrate with his fans next Wednesday, starting at 9:30 pm, against Ituano, in Mineiro. More than 60,000 people are expected in Pampulha for the hero’s party.

Cruzeiro’s motivation until the end of the second division became a record-breaker. In this version, the club has already earned four: the champion with the longest precedence, in the 32nd round; early access; largest overall average as a thoroughbred; And the biggest unbeaten streak in the history of running stitches (format approved in 2006).

There are at least six more records that Cruzeiro will be aiming for between now and the end of the competition. The heavenly team is still looking for the best campaign in the history of the second division with consecutive points (85 points), best campaign as a home team (50 points), best defense (21 goals conceded), most wins (25), smallest Number of defeats (three) and the largest difference between the champion and runner-up (17 points).