July 14, 2024

A Huawei executive says the company will dominate the market unless the US intervenes

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Executivo da Huawei diz que empresa dominaria mercado se EUA não intervisse
Executivo da Huawei diz que empresa dominaria mercado se EUA não intervisse

The Huawei It is still heavily affected by sanctions imposed by the US government against the company, where White House officials said the manufacturer had ties to the Chinese government. Since then, the company has been losing all its market power, and now its CEO HuaweiRichard Yu said his company to cross Samsung and disputed the throne with Apple.

In a publication where he talks about what would have happened without sanctions, via Telephone HallThe Chinese giant’s boss says, “If it wasn’t for US intervention and suppression [Huawei], Probably the world’s leading cell phone manufacturer Huawei And this Apple“.

Richard Yu also mentioned some competitors like Samsung, claiming that other companies in the smartphone market are just “small manufacturers” and its strong point is to sell in the US and South Korea. oh Telephone Hall This statement on the part of the CEO points out that it is too harsh HuaweiEspecially considering that the Chinese company has been trying to catch up with the South Korean manufacturer for years.

Credits: Tag Chain on Unsplash

However, Yu’s speeches are not an exercise in imagination, and that’s the reason Huawei Already successful Samsung Before the effects of US sanctions. Manufacturer Up to 19% of the global smartphone market In April 2020, it outsold its South Korean rival by 2%, which failed to sell large volumes of models in the series. Galaxy S20 and reached only 17% of the market.

The portal points out that the Chinese were able to fulfill the promise made in 2018, where Richard Yu said that his company would become the market leader in terms of sales. But shortly after achieving this, the US Govt Banned from working for any company operating on US soilThis cut off access to 5G chips QualcommSnapdragon 888 and when Google Play ServicesUnable to use Android system.

Currently the Huawei It needs to develop its own operating system Harmony OS, and working with hardware not restricted by the US government, such as 4G versions of Snapdragons SoCs. A company that once dominated the global market is now Even China is losing groundIt is now the sixth largest seller of smartphones.


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Source: Telephone Hall

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