A huge iceberg broke away from Greenland

Of natural causes from Greenland broke off a colossal iceberg. Its length is 6.5 kilometers. Scientists managed to film this process on camera. Video posted on YouTube videohosting.

Огромный айсберг откололся от Гренландии


A huge iceberg broke off from one of Greenland’s largest glaciers, called HELHEIM. This process took about half an hour. As a result, in the Atlantic ocean got a giant block of frozen fresh water. In Greenland, an employee of the Institute of mathematics of new York city. According to experts, this process will lead to an increase in Global sea level. A shortage of fresh water on the Earth are now engaged in world’s leading scientists. They analyze the situation and make predictions.

The calving of an iceberg from Greenland will undoubtedly affect the further development of Affairs. Specialists in the framework of its mission to observe the temperature change of the water and watching the formation of waves. In the end, scientists try to make predictions about future changes on our planet due to global warming and rising ocean level.


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