A hurricane of dark matter headed straight to Earth !

Un ouragan de matière noire fonce tout droit sur la Terre !

A hurricane of dark matter goes straight on the Earth. The scientists will be able to learn more about this invisible matter.

The Earth is about to go through a stellar flux, the dark matter. Scientists hope to learn more about its structure after this crossing. MCE tells you more.

A hurricane of dark matter near the Earth

Indeed the dark matter, invisible mass of particles, darkening law on our planet. And it goes very quickly. Its speed reaches up to 500 kilometers / second ! According to the scientists it is not yet known when this hurricane of dark matter, we will go through but it will not cause in any case no damage to the Earth.

But this crossing of particles will be used including scientists. Indeed it is a real opportunity for them to explore in more detail the substance is very little known. It would be more than 27% of the universe. It is what it is ! This invisible matter because it does not reflect the light remains a mystery to scientists.

Its existence is based solely on its impact on the force of gravity of heavenly bodies and tight galaxies.
After several studies, the astronomers have concluded that it was impacting the movement cosmic.

It is a team of researchers from the university of Zaragoza in Spain, has identified this hurricane of dark matter. Accompanied by the astrophysicist Ciaran O’hare, they have discovered with data from the future satellite Gaia of the european space Agency (ESA).

They have therefore, by studying these data, discovered a stellar stream that corresponds to the remains of an ancient collision of galaxies. To be more clear there is a billion years, our galaxy devoured another, a galaxy spheroidal dwarf. And today, all this dark matter left there billions of years is moving. Named the S1, this flow consists of more than 30.000 stars in motion.

Devices not yet perfected

In fact, after the hercheurs, this hurricane of invisible particles will produce a huge ripple in the dark matter that surrounds our planet. Scientists hope, therefore, learn through specific detectors, located at the surface of the globe. “We know so little of the black material that any better knowledge of its structure is added to help us better understand his role,” explains Ciaran O’hare, in a study published in Physical Review D.

Moreover, according to the astrophysicist, the scientists will not be able to learn a lot more about this hurricane of dark matter. The measuring devices do not seem sufficiently advanced to measure anything. However, this hurricane will allow scientists to see for the first time axions. It must be 500 million times lighter than an electron.


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