August 19, 2022
A killer tip to win more clients and earn extra income

A killer tip to win more clients and earn extra income

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Created in 2011, the getNinjas Its purpose is to connect those who need a particular service with those who know how to implement it quickly and with little bureaucracy. There are services of all kinds registered, and among the most sought after in the application are construction workers, movers and campers, cell phone technicians, television technicians, furniture assemblers, and electricians.

But the services are not limited. In total, today, the platform has more than 500 registered service options. This means that any professional can use GetNinjas as a starting point to leverage their skills and earn additional income through digital support.

a Register at GetNinjas It is free and 100% of the value of the service provided to you, in addition, the application does not charge a monthly fee. But it is necessary to have coins of very reasonable value, and they are used to be able to apply for services.

Registration is available on a computer screen and cell phone in Android and iOS versions, and registration is carried out simply and quickly, at no cost to the small entrepreneur.

How to register at GetNinjas And start earning extra income

It is very easy to register and start earning your extra income on GetNinjas. Check out the step by step below:

1. click hereEnter your phone and e-mail;

2. Next, click on the “I am a professional” option.

3. Register your data and, after agreeing to the terms of use, click “Continue”;

4. Choose the category of service you will provide;

5. Then click coins to be able to offer your service;

6. Select the package you want and click “Purchase”.

7. Choose the payment method and time period to unlock the coins.

Ready, in a few clicks you can take your business to another level and significantly increase your chances of getting additional income or even a new type of business.

How Paying on GetNinjas Works

Negotiations are made between the service provider and the customer directly. The idea is to streamline and streamline the process, with minimal bureaucracy. Payment can be made by Pix, bank voucher or credit card credit or discount.

Start earning your extra income now

Now that you know how to sign up and take your first steps on GetNinjas, don’t waste time. Become a digital entrepreneur and earn your extra income with the support of an app that closes a deal every 30 seconds.

Join GetNinjas Now!

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