September 24, 2023
Morre aos 76 anos advogada que conseguiu direito ao aborto nos EUA

A lawyer who had the right to perform abortion in the United States has died at the age of 76

A lawyer who had the right to perform abortion in the United States has died at the age of 76

Sarah Weddington would have been one of the youngest to win the US Supreme Court case – Getty Images North America / AFP

Sarah Weddington, historically significant “Ro V. Wade, who is in the Supreme Court of the United States, passed away on Sunday (26) at the age of 76 – an alumnus and local journalist.

In 1973, Sarah Weddington and fellow lawyer Linda Coffee filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of a pregnant woman challenging the Texas state law prohibiting abortion.

“With Linda Coffee, the first case of her career, Roe V. Wade, dropped out of law school,” tweeted Susan Hayes, one of Sarah’s alumni.

“She opened my eyes to the weakness of my teacher” and “my rights and my freedoms,” he said, adding that the lawyer had died of “persistent health problems.”

Jane Rowe’s real name, Norma McCorvey’s case against then-Dallas County Attorney Henry Wade eventually reached the Supreme Court, which ruled in 1973 in favor of the right to abortion.

Since then, the right to abortion in the United States, which is not guaranteed by federal law, has been “Roe v. Wade.”

The Supreme Court, in its judgment, found that the Constitution affirms the right of the woman to perform abortion and that the States cannot deny it.

In 1992, the court clarified that this right was valid until the fetus was “possible”, i.e. at 22 or 24 weeks of gestation.

The majority of current U.S. Supreme Court justices have chosen to change the legal framework that guarantees the right to abortion for almost 50 years, either by restricting the terms of the abortion or abolishing it altogether.

On December 1, US President Joe Biden warned Sarah Weddington in 1998 that “Roe V. Wade’s resolution is like a beach house in danger of collapsing.”

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