October 1, 2022
A Lebanese woman turns into a "hero" and spreads quickly after she robs a bank to pay for her sister's transaction |  Globalism

A Lebanese woman turns into a “hero” and spreads quickly after she robs a bank to pay for her sister’s transaction | Globalism

A Lebanese woman robbed a bank in Beirut This Wednesday (14) she escaped with thousands of dollars that she said will be used to fund hospital treatment for her sick sister. Sally Hafez was immediately considered a “hero” by the Lebanese, who spread the video of the theft on social media, in a country massacred by the corruption of the ruling class and where it is practically impossible to withdraw money from banks or ATMs.

Sally Hafez broadcast a live video of the robbery yelling at the bank’s employees to hand over the money while the bank’s doors were closed.

“My name is Sally Hafez, I came today (…) to collect the deposits of my dying sister in the hospital,” he said in the video. He adds: “I did not come to kill anyone or start an exchange of fire. (…) I came to demand my rights.”

a Lebanon He records a series of robberies on customers whose savings in banks were frozen for nearly three years, due to the serious economic crisis in the country. Lack of liquidity turns simple operations like withdrawing money from ATMs into an ordeal.

The woman instantly became the social media hero in LebanonMany are desperate for their money and angry at the banking system they view as corrupt.

The second woman in the video claims to have withdrawn more than $13,000. Another man was carrying what appeared to be bundles of banknotes wrapped in plastic.

An AFP reporter at the scene said gasoline had been thrown into the bank during the robbery. A pistol was also found on the ground, although it was not immediately clear, according to eyewitnesses, whether it was real.

The journalist said that Hafez and his alleged accomplices managed to escape through a broken window before security forces arrived. The assault lasted less than an hour.

Last month, a Lebanese man aroused the sympathy of Internet users and Lebanese residents after he robbed a bank Beirut At gunpoint, he withheld employees and clients for hours to obtain some of his $200,000 frozen assets with which he wanted to pay his ailing father’s hospital bills. The man was arrested but was soon released.

In January, another client detained dozens of people in the Eastern Province Lebanon After learning that he cannot withdraw his savings in foreign currency. Local media reported that he was able to retrieve part of his savings and surrender to the security forces.

a Lebanon Enter 2019 into its worst economic crisis. The local currency lost nearly 90% of its value on the black market and the rate of poverty and unemployment rose.