November 30, 2023

a list that elects the 10 most unusual airports in the world; There is Brazil in the middle

Travel sites Budgetair and Times of India have revealed a list of the most unusual airports in the world. According to the information, sometimes the place chosen to install the aircraft landing and take-off environment is not the most suitable.

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Among the more unusual airports, one is where you have to land on packed ice and the other is in the middle of a big city right next to the beach. By the way, Brazil is also in the top ten.

10 strangest airports in the world; See what they are

Check out below the 10 most unusual airports on the planet according to the survey:

1 – Kansai Airport (Japan)

The site is built on an artificial island, 4 km long and 2.6 km wide. It is the first overseas airport in the world and was opened in 1994.

2 – Wellington International Airport (New Zealand)

This is built on the edge of a beach full of surfers. Staff constantly need to keep birds away from the site.

3 – Gibraltar Airport

As absurd as it may sound, the fact is that the runway cuts through the main road in Gibraltar. Therefore, the road must be closed when the aircraft is landing or taking off.

4 – Phoenix (Antarctica)

It took 3 years to build this one of the most unusual airports in the world. It was built using 70 tons of heavy-duty rollers to compact the snow and make it harder than concrete.

5- Changi Airport (Singapore)

In this airport there is a climate controlled area that looks like a big jungle with a waterfall and 1000 butterflies.

6. Tenzing Hillary (Nepal)

The runway is only 527 meters long, which is too small for any aircraft to land or take off safely.

7 Most Unusual Airport: Gisborne (New Zealand)

A railway traverses the runway and takes off at this small commercial airport.

8 – Guancho i Yarausquin (Saba Island)

Another of the most unusual airports in the world is located on the island of Saba. Only 400 meters track is conducive to accidents.

9. Most Unusual Airport: Macau (China)

The runway is very long, more than 3,300 meters long and only 45 meters wide. Also, it is over the sea.

10- Congonhas (Sao Paulo)

On the list of the most unusual airports in the world, Congonhas is located in Sao Paulo. What stands out is that it is only 11 km from the center of the largest city in Latin America, one of the largest in the world.