December 9, 2023
A major oil spill would cause environmental damage in the United States

A major oil spill would cause environmental damage in the United States

The largest oil spill in the state occurred in São Bernardo Parish Louisianato us America, may have a criminal origin. According to local news outlet FOX 8, about 20,000 liters of oil reached wetlands in the area and a waterway at an Entergy substation.


In response to the lawsuit’s aftermath, the electricity supplier responsible for supplying more than 3 million consumers released a statement to FOX 8 that said, “A day or two before the leak was discovered, two large transformers were filled with oil. They were either stolen or removed from the station.

St. Bernard Parish County Sheriff James Polman told local newspaper WGNO that officers were called by the public. “We received a suspicious operation call that there was a foul odor due to a leak near the energizer,” Bollman said.

The sheriff indicated that the odor reported to authorities was from an oil spill, which was not accidental but triggered. After inspecting the situation, Bollman said it “looked like some sort of plug had been removed from a tank” and caused the leak. He also said it was not yet known what caused the leak in the floor, whether it was criminal property damage or theft.

Contains an oil spill

Fortunately, for now, the leak is contained. So, people don’t have to worry about new surprises. Additionally, Entergy Louisiana’s director of communications, Brandon Scardigli, told local news outlet WWLTV, “There are no PCBs in the oil.”

According to the Environmental Agency of the State of São Paulo (CETESB), PCBs are found in hydraulic fluids, plasticizing resins, adhesives and oil. This compound is composed of aromatic organic molecules that have no odor or taste. According to the company, human exposure to PCBs can cause toxic effects. Animals exposed to high levels of PCBs had adverse effects on various body systems, including cancer.

“The resulting oil sheen appears integrated and contained within the intact and floating control boom,” explained the director. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time criminal activity has led to a major oil spill in Louisiana, as last month a Russian citizen was convicted by a US judge of dumping toxic oil on the state’s beaches.

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