December 5, 2022
A man bitten by a snake left a message for his wife when he died

A man bitten by a snake left a message for his wife when he died

A 40-year-old man who was bitten by a snake left a heartbreaking final message to his wife and daughter while he was dying. Mozambique’s land manager, Sebastian Wicker, was traumatized during a safari and managed to score a farewell to the family six hours before his death, already losing consciousness while saying goodbye to his companion and son.

Sebastian took care of an area where buffalo, rhinoceros, lions and leopards lived. He was with his client, who was taking with him a dose of the antidote that the victim had received before going to Marromeo Hospital. In the absence of additional doses of antivenom, he was taken by helicopter to the Beira private hospital, but he did not survive.

Amanda, his widow, told Britain’s Daily Record that she even responded to the letter, but her husband did not have time to see her, and moments later she received the news of his death.

Amanda, who has seen her husband survive other animal attacks before, says, “One of his co-workers called me to say he was dead. So I burst into tears. Still shocked.”

Amanda said, “Sebastian has been attacked by buffaloes in the past, but a snake attack like this is almost unheard of. It’s the first thing that happens. The chances of being attacked by a snake are very small!”

In addition to the loss itself, Amanda has also reported suffering a lot whenever she thinks of the pain her partner felt before his death. “He died a very painful death and had to be given morphine. He was vomiting a lot and eventually struggling to breathe. His tongue was swollen and it was a horrible way to die.”

The couple will move to Scotland in December, and according to Amanda, Sebastian lost being around his family so he could see their young son Oscar grow up up close.