March 21, 2023
A man boards the wrong plane, realizing the mistake just before take off

A man boards the wrong plane, realizing the mistake just before take off

A man traveling home two weeks ago in Turkey almost ended up flying to the wrong destination. Matt Hodgetts, 56, only realized the mistake when he made a comment to other travelers and realized they were going to Gatwick Airport, on the outskirts of London, and not to Birmingham. Destinations are over 220 km away.

To the British tabloid The Sun, the man told how the misunderstanding happened. “I crossed the airlift, walked to the plane, presented my boarding pass and sat down,” says the chauffeur.

I said, I can’t wait to get back to Birmingham. People started laughing and saying, ‘You mean Gatwick? He said, remembering the moment.

He further says that after a security check, he was told to “move on” and that he was not questioned by an airline employee who approved his boarding pass before he boarded the wrong plane.

When he realized his mistake, Matt furiously called the flight attendant and explained the situation. Since the plane had already started the process of leaving the boarding gate, he still had to wait 15 minutes to be able to change planes.

In a memo issued after the incident, EasyJet said the situation was quickly resolved and apologized for the error. “Once the error was discovered, prior to departure, the passenger was transferred to the correct boarded flight at the same time through the same gate and we regret any inconvenience caused.”