December 8, 2022
Nave espacial soviética

A man finds an abandoned Soviet spacecraft in the desert

British influencer Greg gave up I found the abandoned remains of an ancient spaceship soviet union (USSR) in a desert near Kazakhstan. The information was published on Sunday 23rd by the newspaper the sun.

The abandoned spacecraft called the Ptichka (“little bird”, in Russian translation) has a good part of the rusted hull. to me the sunThe Soviet Airbus is currently valued at £189 million.

“I first discovered buses in an article I found on the Internet and couldn’t understand that the multimillion-dollar buses were abandoned and rusty,” Gregg told the British newspaper. Mirror. “There is something about space that has always fascinated me. This has been the best place for me to travel, it is every explorer’s dream to see this for himself.”

Although the discovery in Kazakhstan was announced, influencer Greg Abandon refused to reveal the exact location of the find to preserve the craft.

‘The Soviet Union is not dead’

British newspaper report times It was revealed on August 15 that the Soviet Union lives in a semi-secret fashion in present-day Russia. And the group of about 150,000 members promises to “revitalize its organs of state power.”

soviet union Coverage He has a leader in the Supreme Soviet named Konstantin Vyatkin, who is ironically a businessman. The name of the head of the KGB has not been disclosed. They do not accept the dissolution of the Soviet Union into 15 independent states in 1991.

The network publishes conspiracy theories on the Internet that the old country still exists and even sells “Soviet passports” for 4,000 rubles (equivalent to 291 Brazilian reals). They are notorious for not accepting vaccinations and for anti-Semitism.