February 6, 2023

A man spends a fortune to look like a wolf

A person spends a fortune to achieve his dream and looks like a wolf. Find out how he made his dream come true!

The customer, who did not wish to be identified, from the Japanese company Zeppet Workshop, spent the equivalent of 130,000 Brazilian reais to acquire a very realistic costume and make it look like a white wolf.

Zeppet, which is in charge of the fashion industry, revealed that the product took about 50 days to be ready and cost about 3 million yen (Japanese currency). The customer left a testimonial on the company’s website stating that the product turned out exactly as he envisioned it.

According to the information, in order to present a realistic and detailed wolf costume, the company conducted an analysis of photos of real albino wolves. The client also declared anonymously in his statement that he was very satisfied with the end result.

Realistic white wolf costume – Image: Disclosure / Zeppet

Motivation to buy fantasy

According to the anonymous customer, his motivation for buying the realistic wolf costume was the great love he had for animals since childhood. He had already seen realistic animal costumes on TV and dreamed of the day he could have his own costume.

Before handing over the costume, he had to go to the company to make some adjustments and measurements. During the final exam, he declares that he is delighted to put on the costume and see himself transform into a wolf in front of a mirror. In his statement, the client stated:

“I would like to express my gratitude to the studio for the great work. I am grateful for your attentive and meticulous service to the end. Thanks to the studio, one of my childhood dreams has come true.”

Additionally, he has stated that his intention is to spend as much time as possible in his hyper-realistic wolf costume.

away from the white wolf

This isn’t the first time Zeppet Workshop has produced a realistic animal costume. Such requests are common for the company, which in the same year fulfilled the wish of a customer named Toko to transform himself into a dog.

The Collie breed has been chosen to be reproduced in a highly realistic dog costume. Like the wolf costume, the dog costume was also reproduced in detail and cost the equivalent of R$72,000.

In other words, for those who also want to buy a realistic costume for an animal, be it a wolf or a dog, just find the company that makes the costumes and be willing to shell out a hefty sum.

Photo: Scott Canning | Clash