September 24, 2022
A man was killed by a kangaroo in Australia that raised an animal from a baby

A man was killed by a kangaroo in Australia that raised an animal from a baby

Australian police believe that 77-year-old man killed after kangaroo attack On property in Redmond the animal was kept as a a pet At home since childhood. According to local newspapers, the animal killed by the authorities was about three years old.

The incident recorded in Australia marks the first human death from an animal attack in 85 years. The case raised awareness of the dangers of trying to domesticate the marsupial, a wild animal.

In an interview with Australia’s ABC, family members of Peter Eades stated that he is an animal lover and confirmed that he has taken care of the kangaroo since he was a puppy.

Eades also owned an alpaca farm, which he opened in 1997, where he tended 60 head of cattle.

Peter Edes had a graveyard of alpacas that he kept on the property. In an interview with ABC in 2017, he stated that when he died, he wished to be buried next to his favorite alpacas, Claudia.

In an interview with News Australia, Australian Reptile Zoo wildlife expert Hayley Schott said the incident shows the importance of respecting wildlife, and always remembering how dangerous kangaroos are, especially if they are male.

“The public tends to see kangaroos as cute,” he said. “It’s important to know that they are wild animals and that there is a level of respect to be had in dealing with them.” According to her, the traditional image of a kangaroo used by Australia refers to females carrying their young in their bags.

“Part of the life and hierarchy of male kangaroos when they are in a group is to dominate the larger male. There is a challenge being the alpha male. This is part of the life and behavior of male kangaroos. It is not surprising” that an animal of the species kills a human being,” the expert said. .

Remember the case

Family members found Peter Eades seriously injured at the house he was living in in Redmond, 400 km south of Perth, on Monday (12).

The family called for help, but they also had to call the police when the man’s pet kangaroo wouldn’t allow rescuers to approach the injured old man.

The police shot the animal, which injured the elderly. The man died where he was injured.

In the area where the man was killed, the eastern gray kangaroo is the dominant species. Animals can reach 54 kilograms and reach a height of 1.3 meters.