February 1, 2023
A new batch of gas aid in a few days: how to consult a CPF?

A new batch of gas aid in a few days: how to consult a CPF?

a gas allowance It served nearly 5.98 million households in October, according to official data from the federal government. The program was set up earlier this year to help low-income residents buy cooking gas, the price of which has skyrocketed in recent months.

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In December, the last transfer of social benefits for the year is expected. Since the deposits happen bi-monthly (every two months), there is no release date for them in November.

Given that the Ministry of Citizenship has in recent months expanded the salary scale of the initiative, new families can obtain Gas coupon nationwide next month. To find out if your file is one of them, you just need to perform Query by CPF🇧🇷

Gas assist rules

A family interested in receiving the subsidy must have an active registration in the Individual Registry (CadÚnico), with a monthly income of up to half of the minimum wage per person. Houses that have BPC/Loas beneficiaries are also accepted among their members.

The gas voucher is currently equivalent to 100% of the average price of a 13-kilogram cylinder, as determined by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). Starting next year, interest returns to the original level of 50% of this reference.

Gas assistance consulting by CPF

To consult with Gas Assistant using your CPF, the interested party can use one of the following service channels:

  1. Request Brazil aidavailable for Android and iOS;
  2. Caixa Tem app, available for Android and iOS;
  3. Caixa Customer Service Center, at tel. 111.
  4. Ministry of Nationality Contact Center No. 121.

Payment dates

The calendar follows the order of the last digit of the subscribers’ Social Identification Number (NIS). Check out the December payment dates:

  • End of 1 shekel: December 12;
  • End of 2 shekels: December 13th.
  • End of 3 shekels: December 14th.
  • End of 4 shekels: December 15th.
  • End of 5 shekels: December 16th.
  • End of 6 shekels: December 19.
  • End of 7 shekels: December 20.
  • End of 8 shekels: December 21
  • End of 9 shekels: December 22.
  • End of 0 shekels: December 23.