February 1, 2023

A new device aims to dispose of a urine sample cup

Technology is increasingly surprising, with innovations spreading across the most diverse sectors of life, including health. For example, at CES in Las Vegas, Withings will launch what can essentially be considered a mini-lab that can be attached to a toilet, collect urine, and run tests. He should get rid of the urine bowl and other collectors. know more.

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Learn about the “alternative” to the urine pot

This futuristic innovation bears the name U-Scan and should be presented at the fair until January 8, Sunday. the a tool It is very small, 90 mm in diameter, and uses a thermal sensor, which in turn activates a pump responsible for sending urine into a test cartridge, thus being able to detect vital signs instantly.

The collected data is sent over Wi-Fi to the company’s app, with more than 100 biomarker results per cartridge (or test capsule). At launch, two test cartridges will be available, Cycle Sync and Nutri Balance, which monitor creatinine, specific gravity (urine concentration), ketones, pH, albumin, and Vitamin Camong other factors.

After analyzing the vital signs, the collected urine is discarded at the waste outlet, and the device uses water from the same discharge to clean it.


The device will arrive in Europe in the second quarter of 2023, with a starting price of 499.95 euros, which is currently equivalent to about 2900 Brazilian riyals.

In addition to the aforementioned functions, the device is designed to be completely customizable, providing innovative data to accompany clinical trials, remote patient monitoring, and medical research, the company says.

With a battery that can last up to three months, the same amount of time as a cartridge, the device can be charged via USB-C and comes with a pair of gloves, to avoid contact with urine and possible contamination.

This innovative invention was created to be an at-home solution that provides healthcare professionals with accurate and regular data through continuous urinalysis, aiding in telemedicine treatments, the company claims.