August 15, 2022
A new feature in WhatsApp will allow users to go into "invisible" mode

A new feature in WhatsApp will allow users to go into “invisible” mode

The “Last seen” setting annoyed people because it showed exactly the last time they accessed The WhatsApp, to show friends and family if messages have been ignored. When this case began to be removed, many celebrated, in order to ensure privacy. By leaving the warning off, inconveniences, such as asking colleagues for a quick response, especially on calls, can be avoided.

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In the testing phase, the feature is being prepared by the developer team from a beta version, for both iOS and Android. WABetaInfo has made some posts about the job, and it looks like it will be available to everyone soon. However, there is no confirmed date regarding the change.

Now everyone can be invisible on WhatsApp, avoid any inconvenience

Before, anyone could charge you for a response if you left the last arrival time. In order not to appear rude to your presence on the platform and not respond, the most active audience rarely leaves this record visible. In this way, the next new release fulfills the need to be “invisible” to the countless groups that prefer to maintain their freedom of action on social networks.

Remember that in the app, the configuration will work from the dropdown, which will change the availability in a button. Do not forget, like other tools, that when you remain inactive to others, you will not be able to see the same sign from your contacts. In general, depending on the situation, sometimes it is worth staying away, using WhatsApp with peace of mind.