February 6, 2023

A new R$4.5 million credit is available for Brazilians; Learn how to apply

Have you heard about Law 14.438/22? In short, you specify issuing a new credit limit of R$1,500 to individuals. In addition, he releases another 4.5 thousand Brazilian reais for small individual entrepreneurs (MEI). Namely, the aim of creating the new Caixa Tem Credit was to serve individuals and help small entrepreneurs expand their business.

The loan of up to R$1,500 for individuals has a monthly interest rate starting at 1.95% per month, but provides 24 months for debt settlement. The order, in turn, must be made through the Caixa Tem application. And the best: It also continues to be available to those who have been rejected by credit protection agencies. Find out more about it below!

It will be possible to request credit for more than 4 thousand riyals. (Photo: Antonio Cruz/Agência Brasil)

New Caixa TEM credit issues amounting to R$4.5

As mentioned, the new credit limit offered by Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) to individuals can be requested through the Caixa TEM application. Through the application, citizens can secure up to R$1.5 million, with an interest rate starting at 1.95% per month. Although it may seem a little intimidating at first, the bank offers up to 24 months for payment. That is, you will have at least two years to pay off the debt.

For MEI, the conditions are just as good. In this context, any MEI interested in joining a credit of up to R$4,500 will have a monthly interest rate of 1.99% per month. Like the line of individuals, MEIs will also have up to 24 months to pay the contracted amount. For this, the requirement is that the person has at least 12 months of billing for any amount in the respective CNPJ. On the other hand, you will need to go to a bank branch to hire the service.

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How to get the loan through Caixa TEM?

Remember that Caixa TEM can only be contracted by individuals who have an interest in the loan. For this, then, they must proceed as follows:

  • First, access the Caixa Tem app;
  • Then click on “Crédito Caixa Tem”;
  • Finally, choose where the money will be used – whether or not it’s to invest in a business.

If a citizen chooses “Others”, he will be redirected to another available method of microcredit. A conventional loan, for example, has rates of 3.99% per month. If the person chooses to credit his own company, the loan application will proceed normally. Finally, you will need to submit a copy of your document and a photo of yourself to prove your identity.

Also, if you don’t have a Caixa TEM app yet, we can help you with that. The application is available for both Android and iPhone (iOS) devices, and can be downloaded through the following links:

  • Android: https://bityli.com/SVbrUS
  • iPhone (iOS): https://bityli.com/FwISrT

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