March 22, 2023
A new type of fraud takes victims;  know how it works

A new type of fraud takes victims; know how it works

The first known case was revealed in a Twitter post. know more

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If you are used to ordering food on iFood, look out for a new type of scam that may occur in some cities.

The coup was announced through a Twitter post denouncing what had happened. According to the person concerned, the delivery person would have sent a message on the application asking the person to send the delivery location via WhatsApp, because he is not from the city. But still, he was able to complete the order without handing it over.

iFood scam claims victims; know more

So basically what happened was that when WhatsApp sent the person doing the delivery, they had access to the order verification code. That’s because this code is always the last four digits of your cell phone. In this case, the person doing the delivery can complete the delivery but take the order away. And the customer is left without the order, even after paying for it.

It is worth noting that in most cases you can be compensated for this. However, you must contact iFood, report the situation and request a refund. In the case that was revealed, the victim is a 43-year-old teacher named Thiago Soares. In an interview with G1He said:

“I felt really bad. I was naive, I was in good spirits. I thought he had no internet and couldn’t find my house. At first, I thought WhatsApp would be easier. After that, I got really angry and it wasn’t because of the value. It was practical A purchase of 43 Brazilian riyals.

According to Thiago Soares, only after proving what happened to iFood was he able to get a refund. In response to the G1 story, iFood said it “denies misconduct, whether it’s consumers, businesses or delivery guys.” The company is notorious for getting involved in frequent disputes over the working conditions of its delivery staff, who do not have any kind of employment relationship or labor rights.

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