December 9, 2022
A new value for PIS/PASEP was confirmed within a few months;  How much will be available for withdrawal?

A new value for PIS/PASEP was confirmed within a few months; How much will be available for withdrawal?

Thousands of Brazilian workers are entitled to the PIS / Pasep salary bonus.

In short, it’s an advantage the federal government gives to this audience. It can be worth up to the total minimum wage (1,212.00 BRL). Payment is made, in turn, based on the time the worker worked during the year. However, in 2023, the bonus will have a different value than what is being paid today.

Want to know which one? So, follow along with us!

First of all, it is important to note that not every Brazilian worker has the right to take advantage of this feature. This is because in order to guarantee the salary bonus, the worker has to comply with some rules.

Among these rules, that the worker has been registered in PIS/Pasep for at least 5 years i.e. he has had a work card for at least 5 years. It is also necessary that you have worked at least 30 days a year, and that you receive a maximum of two salaries per month.

Values ​​will be above R$1,212.00 this year. (Credit: jeanedeoliveirafotografia/

PIS/Pasep Value in 2023

As already mentioned, the salary bonus is paid in an amount up to one minimum wage. However, only workers who worked all year are entitled to the full salary. On the other hand, those who worked the least time get a value proportional to the months worked.

In other words, the advantage is directly related to the minimum wage, since every time the minimum wage is adjusted, the pay bonus must also be adjusted.

At present, the national floor is considered inflation to be corrected. Thus, if the national minimum is adjusted for the year only by inflation rates measured by the INPC (National Consumer Price Index), the national minimum could rise to R$1,294 in 2023.

So, if the minimum wage reaches R$1,294 next year, the PIS/Pasep allowance for workers may also reach R$1,294.

However, there are many expectations that the national floor could gain a new increase, beyond what was expected. This is because, in the campaign of future president Lula, he said that the amount to be paid can be considered another base of calculation.

Thus, the expectation is that the minimum wage calculation takes into account not only the inflation measured by the INPC, but also the gross domestic product (GDP).

If this new calculation rule goes into effect, the salary will be adjusted beyond what was expected. Therefore, the 2023 salary bonus may have a value higher than R$1,294, based on inflation.

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Who gets the allowance in 2023?

According to government projections, workers who performed a paid activity under a formal contract in 2021 will be entitled to a PIS/Pasep salary allowance in 2023.

This is because, in 2022, only workers who worked in 2020 had access to PIS/Pasep. Just like workers who worked in 2022, they should only receive the allowance in 2024.

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