February 2, 2023

A new withdrawal of R$1,000 has been released from Caixa; Find out if you are in the group that will be able to use the money

Before that, it was a bank cashier Last Tuesday (17th) Federal Economic introduced a very special novelty to a certain group of people. The bank has now made the digital SIM card available, a new loan class that can provide R$1,000.00 to select people.

If you want to do your own business and invest in it, now is the right time to realize your dream, as the Caixa Tem application will make this amount available to those who need financial assistance to work as an entrepreneur.

In recent years, due to the pandemic, the number of people who have started to work as a home office and also as a self-employed person has greatly increased. More and more people want to open their own business, but many of them are not able to take the first step to conquer the dream, due to lack of money.

However, the purpose of this loan program is to make the applicant, in addition to taking the dream away, not to buy the materials he needs to work, because he does not have the resources. Even the Digital SIM Fund offers a loan of up to R$3,000 to people who work in MEI.

If you want to work on your own, learn how this resource can help you
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What is the interest rate for a loan?

However, since it is a loan, the individual applying for the amount provided by the digital SIM card has to pay an interest rate. If the citizen is an individual, the interest rate will be 1.95% and if the individual is an individual small business owner, the interest rate will be 1.99%, knowing that the entrepreneur can pay in a maximum of 24 installments.

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Can anyone benefiting from other government programs benefit from this special loan?

yes! The fact that you have government programs such as Auxílio Brasil, Vale-Gás and other benefits available does not prevent you from obtaining a Caixa loan and making your dream come true. Even passive people can count on this resource, but with an important note, the debt cannot exceed R$3,000.00.

Remember that this loan will not be given for any procedure, as the purpose of this program is to help people who want to invest in the professional part and generate income. If you are interested in obtaining a loan on a digital SIM card, to purchase what is needed and invest in your project, see below how to participate in the program:

In conclusion, if you are an individual, the registration can be done through the Caixa Tem app and you will need to follow all the necessary steps. But if you are from MEI, the procedure will be different, since you will need to go to the Caixa Econômica Federal branch in person with your personal documents and also with proof of residence. To find out what documents you will need to take to the Caixa branch and to clarify any other doubts about the program, you can also contact us by phone, using the numbers: 4004 0 104 – capitals and metropolitan areas or 0800 104 0104 – other areas.

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