January 27, 2023
A petition in Switzerland calls for the expulsion of an alleged lover of Putin

A petition in Switzerland calls for the expulsion of an alleged lover of Putin

An online petition has been launched asking Switzerland to expel Alina Kabaeva, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged mistresses, as the former Russian gymnast and actress came under pressure from her friends to mediate an end to the war in Russia, Ukraine.

The initiative was launched on the “Change.org” platform, as well as calling for Kabaeva to be stripped of all Olympic titles and medals “for her complicity in supporting a war criminal, murderer and tyrant who voluntarily killed Ukrainian men and women…”innocents and children”.

In the petition calling for the Russian woman to be expelled from Switzerland, organizers described Kabaeva as “the favorite wife of a dictator and war criminal who has been attacking Ukraine in recent weeks.”

The hypothetical petition was created on behalf of citizens of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus and calls on the Swiss Confederation to “link Eva Braun with the Führer” – comparing Kabaeva to a longtime companion of Hitler and his wife.

Athlete and former Russian MP Alina Kabaeva in a meeting with Putin

Photo: ANSA / ANSA – Brazil

“For the first time in modern history, your state violated its neutrality, which it did not even towards Nazi Germany in the twentieth century, and adhered to sanctions against Putin. And now your favorite lover with your children is hiding within the borders of your state ”, adds the text.

Kabaeva will have four children from Putin – two boys and two girls. However, the paternity of the Russian leader has not been officially confirmed. The Olympic medalist, one of the greatest gymnasts in the history of Russia, will be hiding with the children in Switzerland.

And in the second petition, which called for the withdrawal of Russian surnames, the organizers asserted that “she and other Putin supporters are no less guilty of terrorizing innocent people in Ukraine.”

“The alleged mother who deals with her husband/lover by killing and blowing up innocent people, including children and infants, is not an example of the Olympic ideal,” the statement read.

At the same time, the former gymnast’s friends have been begging her to visit Putin in Russia and persuade him to end the war, according to the international press.