July 25, 2024

‘A Place in the Sun’: Barbara loses her mind and attacks a child

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Alinne Moraes as Barbara in a scene from 'Um Lugar ao Sol' (Image: Reproduction)Alinne Moraes as Barbara in a scene from ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’ (Image: Reproduction)

In the following chapters of a novelplace in the sun“, barbaric (Allen Moraes) will abuse a child.

Everything will happen on a night when the Santiago family (Jose de Abreu) at Barbara’s house. Erica (Fernanda de Freitas) and Luan (Miguel Schmid), his son, will be there, too. The boy will be allowed to play in the woman’s room. Renato (Kawa Raymond).

While he’s there, he’ll end up accidentally breaking the lamp. It won’t be long before you find out and go to please the baby:

– Do you have an idea how much it costs here?

– I broke it by accident.

– Inadvertently or unintentionally, the result is the same and you will not return the lampshade that is leftover and which my mother gave me.

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Luanne will explain that he was in the room with Santiago’s permission. Barbara will hint that the father is demented by dating Erica and then will try to force the boy to apologize:

– Baby shut up. Shut up and apologize to me, come on, that’s the least.

– I don’t ask.

– Yes sure? Don’t you ask? – Barbara will say while holding the baby’s arm.

To get rid of Barbara, Luann will kick her in the shin. If she gets off balance, she will slap the boy in the face.

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