December 9, 2023
A plane takes off moments before another landing this weekend

A plane takes off moments before another landing this weekend

Scene from the video below – Image: Play / Just Planes

A video posted this weekend that attracted attention and generated many comments on social media, shows a commercial plane leaving the runway on takeoff just moments before another plane lands on the same runway.

The recording, available below, was published by Just Planes, a well known worldwide profile for making and selling videos of complete flights on the most diverse aircraft models and airlines (Including Brazilian).

In this case, it is a recording made on the ground, along a runway at Itami Airport, in Osaka, Japan:

As seen in the scenes above, the Boeing 737 is observed beginning the take-off process, and still during the ground shift, the Boeing 777 does indeed appear on its short final approach to landing.

When the first leaves the track, no more than 7 or 8 seconds pass before the second touches the ground.

The situation calls for attention because it is not very common to see two aircraft operating take-offs and landings, on the same runway, with little time difference. With this, many people wondered if there was any danger, because if two planes are so close to each other, maybe two planes are flying close to each other, perhaps less than the minimum separation distances.

However, no conclusions could be drawn about the operation, as Just Plans did not provide exact details about the situation, which was only described as “too close to the runway of Osaka Airport”. Are they going to be two joint business trips? Was there any prior coordination? Is this procedure common at this airport? Was there an operational failure?

At the time this article was published, there is no information to answer these or other questions about what actually happened. Perhaps it was just a normal operation within the parameters.