February 6, 2023

A polite sheepdog asks a man’s permission to lead the sheep along the road; Video

A man named Mate Lillo is a surveyor (a professional who determines the legal boundaries of a property, whether rural or urban) and in recent days has been assigned to work in a rural area in southern Chile, taking land measurements and drawing maps.

His work is lonely, but this time he is not so lonely, because others work there too, in fact, they will not be people but dogs. There is no better company than this!

Lilo met her “co-worker” while doing her work on a dirt dirt road. There is a flock of sheep, but it is not a man who grazes it, but a dog. The scene caught his attention.

“He’s clearly a very skilled little dog,” said Lilo. dodo.

When she found Lilo grazing, she stopped whatever she was doing to watch the dog drive the sheep. With such perfection he looked after and directed the group and who, with caution, found the stranger’s presence on the road strange.

The dog, sensing their reaction, Take an unexpected step. She positioned herself in front of the man and gestured as if to ask him to move out of the way so that her wards could pass.

Of course, Lilo complied with the orders and left. But first he recorded the puppy’s action and shared it on your TikTok profile on January 7th with the following caption: “A normal day, with a normal puppy… hahaha.”

The post reached more than 2.2 million views, 421 thousand reactions and thousands of comments.

“Good morning, sir,” said one jokingly, “Sir, sorry to bother you during your working day, but can you please give me a place to pass the flock?” “

“Dog: Dude, you’re annoying the girls,” another asked.

Another thanked, “The good thing is that you understood the request.”

paying off:

very nice! Lilo’s performer gave space to the group, for the following reasons:

“My mother taught me to treat animals well and to love them in all their forms,” Lilo said. “Animals express themselves, as do people. It is up to us to understand and appreciate that.”

And this little dog knew how to express himself so well!

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