A professor strongly criticizes Justin Trudeau on the Atlantic

Un professeur critique vivement Justin Trudeau sur l'Atlantique

MONCTON, N.-B. – A professor of the Faculty of arts and social sciences of the University of Moncton takes the pen to request in an open letter published by the Globe and Mail, Monday, if the Atlantic region is abandoned by prime minister Justin Trudeau.

The letter of professor Donald Savoie, École des hautes études in public, and critique several positions taken by the liberal government in the place of the Atlantic since its accession to power at the general elections in the fall of 2015.

Professor Savoie reminds us, first, that for the first time since its creation in 1987, the Agency of economic promotion in atlantic Canada is led by a minister from another region, in this case Navdeep Bains, mp for Mississauga-Malton, Ontario.

The professor believes that the many responsibilities of the minister Baths within several federal agencies explain his interest passenger for the growth Strategy for the Atlantic, an initiative that has weakened after a launch with great fanfare after the 2015 elections.

Donald Savoie also recalls that it took an outcry in the Atlantic that prime minister Trudeau waives the right to strip the region of its only seat to the bench of the supreme Court of Canada on the retirement of Thomas Cromwell, Nova Scotia. Justice Malcolm Rowe, Newfoundland and Labrador, has finally been named.

Little support

Finally, the professor Savoie criticized the Trudeau government for not having expressed a lukewarm support for the pipeline project Energy East before it was abandoned by the proponent, TransCanada. The project of transportation of oil into the southern New Brunswick has been perceived as a great opportunity of jobs in this province.

Donald Savoie reminds us that the federal election of 2015, it is a candidate of the liberal Party, which was elected in each of the 32 electoral districts of the Atlantic.

Even if the 32 seats constitute only a small proportion of the 338 seats in the House of commons, professor Savoie points out that after the election of the liberal government in 2015, his majority was only 29 seats.

Donald Savoie has already been assistant secretary of the treasury Board of Canada. He is a recipient of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, which presents him as the author of a report that led to the creation of the Agency of economic promotion of atlantic Canada.


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